My name is Marqui(Mark-ee) Keim(Kime). I think of myself as a great writer, but, as I sit down to write about myself, I am left wordless. What few words should I use to express myself to you? Well, here’s a try: I am 18 years old. I grew up in Bridgeport, Nebraska, and had, in my opinion, the best childhood anyone could have. I was a tomboy. I played football, climbed trees and walked around barefoot 24/7. I fell deeply in love with reading when I entered high school (I could probably quote the Harry Potter books word for word). I also found a passion for art through my high school’s art classes. My ideal life would be to wake up around noon and walk out my third story balcony to paint a beautiful picture of the lake that preside outside my front door. However, I was not left a grand inheritance, so here I am getting a degree. My high school English teacher, Mrs. Dohse,  influenced me to strive to become a teacher. She is such a vibrant, intelleligent, and kind teacher, who has taught me so many things.  She showed me that I have a love for the English language that I want to share with younger generations. I am currently attending Chadron State College, where my major is secondary English education. My friends and family mean the world to me, as well as my boyfriend.


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