Daily Creates #13-#20

Daily Create #13

This daily create is to take a picture of something casting a shadow. I took a picture of a water bottle’s shadow, because I thought it was cool how the shadow was lit up by the light. If you want to find this daily create, go to: Shadowcaster.

photo (9)

Daily Create #14

This daily create is to create a drawing that includes your hand and the paper. I chose to draw a turkey, the traditional thing you draw with your hand. To find this daily create, go to: Hand drawing.

photo (10)

Daily Create #15

This daily create is to write the first paragraph of a story with the first lines of “the sky is never the same.” If you want to find this daily create, go to: The Sky is Never the Same.

The sky is never the same after a bomb goes off. The beautiful orange sunset is transformed into clouds of brown dust and remnants of grey ashes. It is impossible to get the bright, white flash away from your sight. Every time you blink, you can see the shape of the explosion just like it was happening again in front of your eyes. The sky is ruined by the bomb. The innocent blue is tainted with whites, reds, oranges, and browns. The sky, and those under it, will never be the same after the bomb went off.

Daily Create #16

This daily create is to take a picture of your pet doing something crazy. This is a picture of my cat that I call lil girl hiding under a coat. If you want to find this daily create, go to: Are you crazy?

photo (11)

Daily Create #17

This daily create is to google your favorite color and then to write a three line poem about the results. I googled the color purple. If you want to find this daily create, go to: Google your favorite color.


The deaf can be helped at Purple communications.

What purple means.

Purple, the band, has a new album.

Daily Create #18

This daily create is to take a picture of something really small, but make it seem really big. I took picture of a popcorn kernel, very small, in the foreground, while larger objects are smaller in the back. If you want to find this daily create, go to: Makes something small, big!

photo (12)

Daily Create #19

This daily create is to describe a reoccurring dream that you have had as a child. If you want to find this daily create, go to: Reoccurring dream.

I will tell you about a reoccurring nightmare that I used to have, and a happy reoccurring that I have had. When I was a child, I was very afraid of rats. I do not remember how it started; I just remember the dreams. They would start out happy; I would be in an octagonal library reading. The library is huge and has an open ceiling. Then, it gets scary, as millions of rats begin to fall into the library from the open ceiling and I realize that the library has no doors or windows. I wake up as the rats are about to hit me. Now, the happy dream. I used to have a weird reoccurring dream that my dad and I were driving around in the pick up that my family has had since I was a baby. It’s sunny and nice, and when I turn around, the pick up’s box is full of bubble gum. Then the dream ends.

Daily Create #20

This daily create is to draw a picture out of shapes. My drawing is abstract. If you want to find this daily create, go to: Shape Picture.

photo (13)


Final Week of my Independent Learning Project

I worked for a very long time trying to find something extravagant to do for the final week of my independent learning project. I thought that since I had worked so hard on the website that I would finish the project off with something really awesome. After looking around (and finding some cool stuff) for a very long time on the internet, I realized that I did not want to have a huge final project. I want to continue to post on my website and continue to learn how to make more digital art (perhaps even more advanced digital art). So, I decided not to have a big final week, but to just continue posting a few photos every week of what I have created. I hope to continue posting a few times every week, even though I do not need to do it for my independent learning project. I hope some of you will continue to look at my website every once in a while, and perhaps give me some inspiration. If you want to look at my website, go to: Artwork by Marqui.

For our assignment this week we had to learn a creation tool, I chose to learn about bitstrips. So, the first thing picture I posted on my website was the bitstrip I made. The bitstrip was suppose to be about the independent learning project, and what I thought about the project was how much homework it caused me to have! I did enjoy the homework for this independent learning project, but it made it hard to switch over and do my other homework! I create two more pictures on weavesilk and added them to my website. I have talked about this website before, but I will go over it again. This website lets the user create webs of color at the touch of their mouse. It uses brilliant colors and I have a lot of fun using it. The first picture I created is of a electric blue butterfly.The second picture is of two orbs that could either be planets or flowers, I made them to be flowers but I think they look kind of like planets.I found a really cool new site called Street Art Creator. This site allows the user to make graffiti on their choice of background. I doodled around with it for a while, and eventually created a cool drawing of my name (with spray paint) on a brick wall. I like this site because a takes a frowned upon form of creativity, graffiti, and makes it into a neat digital art creator. A website that I thought I would share is Jackson Pollock Art Creator. This website allows the user to make art in the style of the famous painter Jackson Pollock. Unfortunately, this website does not allow me to save what I have created, so I cannot share it. However, this website is really awesome and I would advise you to take two seconds of your time to check it out.

Creation Tools

I loved reading Karen Jensen’s blog post, Comic Book/Strip Creation Tools, because of all the cool sites it had links to. I thought that the comic book app was a pretty neat tool that can be used to make a comic book with your kids or students. I think that bringing comic book creation into a classroom would really motivate students to get creative and work hard on their project. Comic books could be used as a lesson plan, for example, students could recreate a classic novel into a comic book (using their own creativity and following the plot of the story.) I also spent some time on toondoo, another great site that allows a lot of creativity while following a basic template for comic strips. I also liked Jensen’s article on Piktochart and Canva, “Piktochart and Canva.” Piktochart is an amazing website that allows the user to create posters, reports, presentations, and infographics to display their information. There are many different templates and customization that can be done to ensure each creation is unique to that user. I thought that Canva sounded like a great site and make sure to bookmark it for later use. Canva can also be used to make posters to display your information. I looked through Canva and I found it very easy to use and navigate.

I decided to make a bitstrips comic. I have seen a lot of bitstrip comics on Facebook, and may even have done a few several years ago (I don’t remember). I was intrigued by bitstrips, because people on Facebook create their own avatar and have comics of themselves. I made my avatar;it was very easy. You get to choose your eyes, mouth, hair, nose, clothes, wrinkles, and etc. Then, you can choose a scene or a mood that you are in and templates arise. You can change what words the comic strip characters are saying. You can also add other people to you comic that are on Facebook with you. I found a lot of the comics very funny and pretty neatly drawn. This website allows a bit of creativity when coming up with the concept of the comic strip and the characters. However, the majority of the comic strip is not created by the user, but with a large variety of templates. I still enjoyed learning how to use the bitstrips app though. I made a comic from the stress I feel because of my homework!

Attention Log

Monday, July 20th:

What I logged on to do:

-Go over assignment sheets in ENG 361 class.

-Look through assignment for ENG 346 class.

Description of space and device:

I am sitting at my couch with my laptop on my lap while my boyfriend                        plays golf on his xbox on one T.V. and watches Bob’s Burgers on the                            other T.V. (yes, we have two T.V.s). My phone is on the charger across                        the room, so I cannot reach it.

Duration of internet session:

About 2 hours.

What occurred while I was online:

I spent about 20 minutes reading through the assignment sheets for my                  ENG 361 class while occasionally looking up to watch T.V. I took some                          time to look through the links for the assignments…..and I got distracted                   by TedTalks, of course, so I spent a while watching some awesome                              TedTalks. Getting back on task, I took about an hour to look through my                    ENG 346 class’s discussion forums and replying to comments on my                            forums. I finished my homework by writing this log entry. After I finished                my homework, I looked through my emails and on Yahoo at the news.

Keeping my phone away from where I was working on my homework really helped me not to get distracted by the notifications that come from my social media sites. I realized after writing this log that I spend too much time watching T.V. instead of applying my full focus to my homework. I was pretty well on task today, I think, and it did not take me long to do the things I needed to do.

Tuesday, July 21st:

What I logged on to do:

-Look through my emails.

-Read a pdf for my ENG 346 class.

Description of space:

This section may be repetitive since I usually get on my computer in the                    same place. I am, again, sitting on my couch with my laptop on my lap.                      My T.V. is on again, but this time it is turned down. My phone is                                    plugged into my computer, charging.

Duration of internet session:

About 45 minutes.

What occurred while I was online:

I spent a while looking through Facebook when I first logged on. Then, I                    took some time to look through my emails. Finally, I read the pdf I was                      suppose to read. However, about half way through reading my                                      Facebook sent me a notification and I got lost in the sea of Facebook for                      a while until I snapped myself back into focus.

Having my phone near me while I did homework today was not a good idea, because I wasted some time responding to texts that did not need to be immediately responding to instead of working on my homework. Opening Facebook right away also was not a good idea, especially since I left it open and it distracted me while I was reading. I could have got my homework done in a lot less time if I would have logged on and done what I needed without taking time to text or use Facebook.

Wednesday, July 22nd:

What I logged on to do:

-I got on my phone to check out social media sites and look at funny                               picture on the internet (don’t lie, you do this sometimes).

Description of space:

I was at work, sitting at the front counter (do not worry, there was no                          one in the store and I was on break….for part of the time) and looking                        at my phone.

Duration of internet session:

Probably like 30 minutes or so.

What occurred while I was online:

-I looked through the features on iFunny.

-I scrolled through Facebook for a long time.

-I checked out Instagram for while (I do not follow too many people so                           this only takes me like 5 minutes).

Since I did not get online today to do anything productive, I was not                 distracted by social media but online for the sole purpose of social media. I   realized that I get on my phone to look at social media a lot just to try to kill    the boredom while I am at work…instead of trying to work hard to make the time go by. I felt bad after this session and quickly went and worked super hard for the rest of the day.

Thursday, July 23rd:

What I logged on to do:

-Read the rest of the material for my ENG 346 class.

-Write in my ENG 346 class’s discussion forum.

Description of space:

On the couch, T.V. on, phone across the room charging…pretty much                          the same as usual.

Duration of internet session:

About 4 hours.

What occurred while I was online:

I spent three hours reading all the material for my ENG 346 class’s                             assignment (it’s a lot of reading), and I spent the remaining hour                                  writing about the reading I just did. Finishing my session by writing                            this log entry.

On Thursdays, I really have to crack down on my assignments for this summer class. When I get online on Thursdays, it is for one thing and one thing only: homework. I feel good about the time I spent on the internet; it was really productive.

Friday, July 24th:

What I logged on to do:

-Spend some time working on my Independent Learning Project.

Description of space:

Sitting on my bed with my laptop on my lap. The T.V. is on and my                              phone is on the end table by the bed.

Duration of internet session:

About 20 minutes.

What occurred while I was online:

I spent a long time going from website to website with digital art                                 creators without ever sticking to one thing and creating something. I                          checked my phone many times and wasted about 10 minutes on                                     youtube.

I was not very productive with the internet today. I tried to get into my Independent Learning Project, but found myself getting distracted by everything instead of being productive. I have now decided that I need to go outside instead on being on my computer, so this log is the last thing I shall do online tonight.

Saturday, July 25th:

What I logged on to do:

-Independent Learning Project

Description of space:

Sitting on my couch, laptop on my lap, with the T.V. on and my phone                        across the room charging, again.

Duration of internet session:

About 5 hours.

What occurred while I was online:

I spent some time going through old photos to look for creative ways                            to photo-shop or illustrate on them. I made a few pictures on the                                  digital art creation sites I already know of (I only ended up liking one                          of them and I plan to post it on my website). I went through my                                       website trying to find errors. I spend some time trying to find                                         something big to do since it is the final week of the Independent                                    Learning Project, but eventually came to the conclusion that I do not                          need to quit posting stuff on my website just because the project                                  ended. I am writing this log, and then I plan to look through Facebook                        for a half hour and log out.

I stayed pretty focus on what I was working on, other than the few times I just got distracted by websites that were completely irrelevant to what I was working on. I feel good about getting some work done on my independent learning project.

Sunday, July 26th:

What I logged on to do:

-All of the assignments for ENG 361.

-Post Independent Learning Project stuff.

-Catch the world up on my daily creates.

-Post log.

Description of space:

Same as usual.

Duration of internet session:

It’s been 2 hours, so far, and I am still working. It will probably be like                      6 hours total.

What occurred while I was online:

So far, I have watched the assigned Tedtalk, read the assigned articles,                     and posted on my blog about internet mindfulness. I am doing this log                       right now (just going through the list), and then I plan on completing                         the rest of the assignment sheet. Then I will post about my daily                                   creates and my final week of my independent learning project. I have                         not been distracted so far, so I do not believe I will be.

Well, mostly, this log has taught me that I need to space my homework out over the week better instead of trying to do everything on Sunday. I am really focused today, since I have so much stuff to do. I have not been distracted by any technology. I feel good about my internet use for today.

Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson.

Internet Mindfullness

I really enjoyed watching Paul Miller’s TedTalk, “A Year Offline.” I understood and have felt many of the things that Miller discusses. I often feel like social media sites like Facebook are just clutter to fill the boring parts of my life; they can also be stressful for my over anxious mind. I find myself looking through Facebook at work a lot instead of doing something productive. The internet can consume your life if you let it. It can be stressful to constantly be worried about whether you have checked your emails or caught up on the latest posts on Instagram. The internet can be used as a tool or it can be used to constantly keep yourself distracted. The internet can make you miss out on really experiencing things like nature and relationships. Personal interactions can be effected by technology. It is hard to have a honest conversation with someone when you are not looking them in the eyes, but looking at your phone. Leo Babauta’s blog, “Simplify the Internet,” gives incredible tips on how to use the internet in moderation. The internet is a great tool that should be used moderation or it can take over your life. I found the tip to stop notifications to be the most useful. If my phone isn’t constantly dinging because of updates or emails, then I feel less inclined to be on it all the time.

I think I use the internet mindfully. Of course, there are times that I spend an hour going through things on my phone, but there are also times that I set my phone down and do not look at it for the next four hours. I do not post often on Facebook or Twitter, and I do not usually feel too bad for missing things on my social media sites. I used to use Facebook a lot, but lately I feel like it is simply a place for gossip and hatred instead of a tool that is used to keep in contact with friends and family. The most time I usually spend on the internet is when I am doing homework, and when I do homework I am good at focusing on one task at a time and not straying from my homework. I need to remove several social media sites in order to really be productive and participate in life, such as Instagram, Vine, and iFunny. Anything technology that does not contribute something to my life does not need to be obsessed over.

Photo Credit: Michael Mandiberg.

Daily Create #12 

  This daily create is a video create. The challenge is to take a video of your pets doing something weird. I have some weird animals, so it wasn’t too hard to catch a video of them doing something weird. If you want to find this create, go to: Cats and dogs. This is a video of my one eye cat, Kendrick, lounging on the top of the couch.

Independent Learning Project Week 5

The first new photo I have added is an abstract picture that I created on Flame Painter. Flame painter is a really cool website that allows the user to create flowing art out of bright colored flames at the click of a button. The picture I created was intended to look like a heart on fire. The bright colors and the flow of the brush stroke made making this picture fun for me. Many things can be created from this website and many hours can be spend just creating fun pictures. The second image I added to my website was also created on flame painter. I really like this website for its extremely bright colors on a black contrasting background. The second image(featured image on blog post) is intended to look like a fire-y flower, with a yellow and green center to contain the seeds and red pedals coming from the center. I have found that digital art is very hard for me. Things do not go as smoothly on a computer screen with a mouse as they do with a pencil and paper for me.

I found a website on digital art that would be great to show students as an art teacher, or to incorporate into other classes. This site has links to the 45 best digital art creators for students: 45 Websites For Students on Digital Art. I have gone through many of these sites and played around on each for a while. I think that they are really entertaining and educational. One of the sites that I thought was fun and that I thought could create cool digital art was a sand landscape creator. The user picks the color of sand and lets it fall in mountainous patterns. If you want to find a website for creating sand art, go to: This is Sand. I created a few things on this is sand, but nothing in completion so I am simply adding this website because I think it is interesting and worth sharing. I also found a great site for science teachers to spark creativity in their students. This website allows you to create an avatar of yourself and then give yourself cool animal features: Build your Wild Self . The third image I added to my website is of my wild self that I created and that I think is cool! The last website that I want to share is Psykopaint. I created some awesome art on this website, but since the images saved as ppp format instead of jpg format I had a lot of troubles trying to upload the image onto my website. However, it is still an awesome website. If anyone has any tips for me on how to convert ppp images to jpg images, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have found a lot of website for digital art this week, as well as websites to use as a teacher trying to incorporate creativity into their class. I spent a lot of time messing around on art websites rather than creating actual pieces of art. So, unfortunately, these three images I have described are the only ones I will post on my website this week. I have to work on homework for my other summer class at some point instead of spending hours upon hours finding cool art websites. If you guys want to check out my new images, go to my website: http://marquikeim.wix.com/artwork-by-marqui.