I enjoyed looking through the Young Adult Library Services Association’s book list and blog. The first book list that I looked through was best fiction for young adults list. I have only read a few of the YA fiction books on the list for 2016. I added Paper Hearts by Meg Wivott, Bone Gap by Laura Ruby, and The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black to my TBR list from this YALSA list. I like that they put short descriptions of the books by the book title.

The next list I looked through was great graphic novels for teens. I still need to fill out my read a graphic novel section of my book bingo, so I thought this list may help me find some options of graphic novels that I would enjoy reading. I added Outcast by Robert Kirkman, Starlight by Mark Millar, and Tokyo Ghoul  by Sui Ishida to my TBR list from this YALSA list.

The final list I looked at was the top ten most popular paperbacks for young adults. I added Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, Ashfall by Mike Mullin, and Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry to my TBR list from this list. I was also happy to learn that Ashfall and Rot and Ruin are parts of book series! More books!

I also enjoyed YALSA’s blog, the hub. I really liked reading the book reviews for the books that they post. They do a great job of describing the book, and giving information about the characters and author. I also like how they address issues that relate to teens that do not involve literature. I read one of their blogs about teens needing to sleep more, and it was very informative and instructional. They also write blogs about certain aspects of different books, such as which books have the most developed characters and which books have the best writing styles. The hub has a lot of different blogs that give students great books to read, and that give students information about reading.


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