Diversifying my Reading

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Diversifying my reading means reading outside of my comfort zone. To me, reading books from different genres is diversifying my reading. I tend to stick to the fantasy genre, and reading books from other genres will broaden my views on different people and situations. Diversifying my reading also means reading books by different authors that I may not have heard of, and reading books with characters from different cultures. A diverse reading life, to me, is reading many different books, about different cultures, and written by diverse authors.

My goals for diversifying my reading for this semester include: reading at least two nonfiction books, read many different authors, read books on the banned book list, and read books recommended by classmates about diversity. I stick to fantasy books a lot, so reading nonfiction books will get me out of my comfort zone and may teach me a few things. I tend to only read books by authors I know; I read Stephen King, Jodi Picoult, Darren Shan, J.K. Rowling, and a few other fantasy authors. Reading books from authors that I have not heard of or have not read books by may give me more reading experiences and give me more favorite authors. Reading books from the banned book list will introduce me to many different experiences and many diverse characters because books about diversity and adult situations tend to be the books that are banned. I will expand my reading by reading books that my classmates like about diverse characters or written by diverse authors.

Due to the resources that I have gotten from blogs for this class, I have not had troubles finding titles with diverse authors or diverse characters. I have added many of the books that are listed in blogs about diversity and diverse publishing to my want-to read list on goodreads. I do not foresee any challenges in finding or reading books about diverse characters or written by diverse authors.

It is important for students to have a diverse reading life so that they are introduced to a variety of different people, situations, and cultures. Reading can open student’s minds to people of different races and to different cultures. Diverse reading helps students to step out of their comfort zone, and learn something about the world or about themselves. In order to promote diverse reading in the classroom, I would include many books about diverse character or written by diverse authors on my classroom bookshelf. Students would be encouraged to read any of the books on the bookshelf that interest them.


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