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Review posted on Goodreads:

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is stunning. The entire time I was reading, I was trying to solve the mystery myself. By the time I got to the last 50 pages, I had no idea how the book could possibly resolve itself (don’t worry; it does). The characters in this book are dark, flawed, and deliciously evil, however, I found myself drawn to their darkness and to their troubles. The reader gets three different perspectives of the story. Libby Day, the lone survivor of the Day family massacre, spends the books trying to solve what happened in her house nearly 30 years ago. Ben Day, from the time he is a teen to when he is in jail for the murder of his mother and two sisters, reveals how the murders came to happen. And, finally, Patty Day, Libby and Ben’s mother who is in debt and about to lose the family farm, gives her narrative from 30 years ago and further reveals what happened in the Day house. I never knew how the story was going to end, and I was very surprised when I got to the ending. Dark Places is an amazing book that has darkness, death, Satanic rituals, troubles of the soul, and truly troubled characters.


5 thoughts on “Reading Response

  1. This book sounds interesting…to say the least! I love the vocab you use to describe the book and, honestly, it makes me want to read it more. Not something I would normally pick up but I might just have to dive into this one!

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