Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Featured image by Anna Widerberg

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is, in one word, crazy.

Flynn is an incredible writer who draws the reader in from page 1. I really enjoyed the way she wrote the characters in a way that the reader understands their flaws and may even hate them, but there is still something about them that you want to read. You want to know what happens to them, even if you hate them. I do not want to give anything away because this book is an incredible mind screw. Gone Girl contains 3 parts, and I will tell you, when it transitions from part 1 to part 2 and part 2 to part 3, be prepared for some crazy things to happen.

I would give Gone Girl five stars out of five. I was so interesting in this book that I read it in about 2 days in my free time. Gone Girl has a lot of explicit words and adult themes so, there is a lot of debate on whether it truly is a YA book. However, despite the dirty words and sex talk, this book is YA because it involves deep feelings and a journey through a painful experience. Gone Girl is a book that a young girl reads that teaches her something about herself, maybe something about who she does not want to be. I would say that Gone Girl is on the upper age spectrum of the YA age range. I would not let a 12 year old read this book, but I did read books more adult than this when I was 12 or 13.

This book presents a realistic love story. This is not a story about the boy and girl who are perfect for one another and will always love each other because they are soul mates. The people in this book are screwed up; every one of them. They read as real people with feelings and flaws. The ending of this book will not only surprise you, but it will drive you crazy for the next few days as you think of how it should of ended. Or did it end right? I cannot decide.


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