The world is ever-changing. The education world is ever-changing. Technology is great example of this: teachers had to learn and relearn things to adapt into this every technical world. Innovation is necessary in the classroom and in education as a whole as the world changed. The things that we teach students should reflect the world that we live in now. Innovation is what America is built on, and it is what we need to keep encouraging in children. We can innovate learning my applying to every student’s needs and placing technology into the hands of students that live in a technology filled world. I have been innovative in the way I do my homework this year a little bit. I found a lot of websites for my independent learning projects that take steps out of creating digital art, or help a lot while creating it. I have found programs that proofread my papers for me (though I usually end up doing it myself anyway).

Innovation, in learning, is changing the way, and what, we teach student’s to be more efficient and more relevant. I need to slow down when it comes to learning. I need to thoroughly learn each subject I am focused on instead of speedily going through my assignments just to get them done. I think that I will use a lot of the technology tools we have learned in this class for my future career as a teacher. I think students can benefit by being introduced to productive places on the internet instead of just destructive places like facebook and gaming sites. I have unlearned using shortcuts in this class: I have learned to do things the proper way instead of trying to find something online to do it for me.

My favorite quote from “The Steep ‘Unlearning’ Curve,” by Richardson, is this: “We need to unlearn the premise that we know more than our kids, because in many cases, they can now be our teachers as well.” We can learn a lot from children. Children have an open mind and are not afraid to ask questions. Children see things with clear eyes that are not altered by societal views. I know I have always hated it when teachers would talk down to me as though I were some kind of inferior to them. Classrooms should be a place for students to not only learn from teacher, but also from their peers. We cannot look at high school students like they are too young to make their own decisions, because they are not. And teacher for sure cannot look at their students as any less smart than them. I remember realizing something my senior year: I had to ask to use the restroom everyday when in a few short months I was going to be on my own living. We cannot make students prisoner, we have to see them as people with opinions, feelings, and knowledge. As a teacher, I want to always make sure not start viewing my students as inferiors or prisoners. I want to be open to learning from my students.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk


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