Digital Story

I had a lot of troubles trying to find a metaphor for myself as a teacher or as a learner. I decided to go off of the things I have found myself liking in a classroom: the ability to speak freely, comfortably, and friendship. A group of people working together and conversing together in a stress free environment. I decided that my ideal classroom would be outside, gathered around a fire, discussing everything and anything. The fire is my central metaphor. The wood is the curiosity that lies within the students. The lighter fluid is the teacher that pushes the wood towards a question or towards an answer. The fire is the passion for learning that is ignited by the wood and the lighter fluid. But, it is more than just that, it is the atmosphere of a group of people gathered around a campfire. Friends gather around a campfire, and though I know, as a teacher, I cannot be my student’s friends like their peers are, the classroom can be an open forum like a group of friends conversing. I do not want any of my student’s to ever be afraid of voicing their own opinions (within confines of course, and without hurting other’s). I want a student to be able to ask me as a teacher about something they are interested in, and for me to be able to have a conversation with my students about those interests. I want to be able to spark the curiosity in my student’s that already lies somewhere deep inside. Even if students are not interested in the subject I am teaching, I want to be able to find my student’s interests and integrate them into my classroom. I was originally going to just do a video of myself talking for this digital story, but, as I have stated before, I do not like to video tape myself. Also, I have not done a single thing other than homework today, so I do not look video worthy. So, instead I decided to make a slideshow type digital story. I used pictures I found on flickr for my story. I uploaded a song that I think appropriately matches my metaphor. I added cool transitions. I created my digital story on kizoa. This is a cool site that allows the user to create any kind of slideshow you want to make. If you want to watch my digital story, go to: Digital Story.

Photo Credit: Jonas Maaloe Jepersen


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