Internet Mindfullness

I really enjoyed watching Paul Miller’s TedTalk, “A Year Offline.” I understood and have felt many of the things that Miller discusses. I often feel like social media sites like Facebook are just clutter to fill the boring parts of my life; they can also be stressful for my over anxious mind. I find myself looking through Facebook at work a lot instead of doing something productive. The internet can consume your life if you let it. It can be stressful to constantly be worried about whether you have checked your emails or caught up on the latest posts on Instagram. The internet can be used as a tool or it can be used to constantly keep yourself distracted. The internet can make you miss out on really experiencing things like nature and relationships. Personal interactions can be effected by technology. It is hard to have a honest conversation with someone when you are not looking them in the eyes, but looking at your phone. Leo Babauta’s blog, “Simplify the Internet,” gives incredible tips on how to use the internet in moderation. The internet is a great tool that should be used moderation or it can take over your life. I found the tip to stop notifications to be the most useful. If my phone isn’t constantly dinging because of updates or emails, then I feel less inclined to be on it all the time.

I think I use the internet mindfully. Of course, there are times that I spend an hour going through things on my phone, but there are also times that I set my phone down and do not look at it for the next four hours. I do not post often on Facebook or Twitter, and I do not usually feel too bad for missing things on my social media sites. I used to use Facebook a lot, but lately I feel like it is simply a place for gossip and hatred instead of a tool that is used to keep in contact with friends and family. The most time I usually spend on the internet is when I am doing homework, and when I do homework I am good at focusing on one task at a time and not straying from my homework. I need to remove several social media sites in order to really be productive and participate in life, such as Instagram, Vine, and iFunny. Anything technology that does not contribute something to my life does not need to be obsessed over.

Photo Credit: Michael Mandiberg.


2 thoughts on “Internet Mindfullness

  1. I agree that there are so many positive and negative aspects to the internet. It really depends on how you use it. I also liked the article on simplifying your internet use. I thought it was really helpful.

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  2. All too often we get wrapped up in things that we need not and the worst part of it is that we knowingly do it. I believe it becomes a matter of will to not succumb to such trivial and counterproductive faults.


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