Final Week of my Independent Learning Project

I worked for a very long time trying to find something extravagant to do for the final week of my independent learning project. I thought that since I had worked so hard on the website that I would finish the project off with something really awesome. After looking around (and finding some cool stuff) for a very long time on the internet, I realized that I did not want to have a huge final project. I want to continue to post on my website and continue to learn how to make more digital art (perhaps even more advanced digital art). So, I decided not to have a big final week, but to just continue posting a few photos every week of what I have created. I hope to continue posting a few times every week, even though I do not need to do it for my independent learning project. I hope some of you will continue to look at my website every once in a while, and perhaps give me some inspiration. If you want to look at my website, go to: Artwork by Marqui.

For our assignment this week we had to learn a creation tool, I chose to learn about bitstrips. So, the first thing picture I posted on my website was the bitstrip I made. The bitstrip was suppose to be about the independent learning project, and what I thought about the project was how much homework it caused me to have! I did enjoy the homework for this independent learning project, but it made it hard to switch over and do my other homework! I create two more pictures on weavesilk and added them to my website. I have talked about this website before, but I will go over it again. This website lets the user create webs of color at the touch of their mouse. It uses brilliant colors and I have a lot of fun using it. The first picture I created is of a electric blue butterfly.The second picture is of two orbs that could either be planets or flowers, I made them to be flowers but I think they look kind of like planets.I found a really cool new site called Street Art Creator. This site allows the user to make graffiti on their choice of background. I doodled around with it for a while, and eventually created a cool drawing of my name (with spray paint) on a brick wall. I like this site because a takes a frowned upon form of creativity, graffiti, and makes it into a neat digital art creator. A website that I thought I would share is Jackson Pollock Art Creator. This website allows the user to make art in the style of the famous painter Jackson Pollock. Unfortunately, this website does not allow me to save what I have created, so I cannot share it. However, this website is really awesome and I would advise you to take two seconds of your time to check it out.


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