Creation Tools

I loved reading Karen Jensen’s blog post, Comic Book/Strip Creation Tools, because of all the cool sites it had links to. I thought that the comic book app was a pretty neat tool that can be used to make a comic book with your kids or students. I think that bringing comic book creation into a classroom would really motivate students to get creative and work hard on their project. Comic books could be used as a lesson plan, for example, students could recreate a classic novel into a comic book (using their own creativity and following the plot of the story.) I also spent some time on toondoo, another great site that allows a lot of creativity while following a basic template for comic strips. I also liked Jensen’s article on Piktochart and Canva, “Piktochart and Canva.” Piktochart is an amazing website that allows the user to create posters, reports, presentations, and infographics to display their information. There are many different templates and customization that can be done to ensure each creation is unique to that user. I thought that Canva sounded like a great site and make sure to bookmark it for later use. Canva can also be used to make posters to display your information. I looked through Canva and I found it very easy to use and navigate.

I decided to make a bitstrips comic. I have seen a lot of bitstrip comics on Facebook, and may even have done a few several years ago (I don’t remember). I was intrigued by bitstrips, because people on Facebook create their own avatar and have comics of themselves. I made my avatar;it was very easy. You get to choose your eyes, mouth, hair, nose, clothes, wrinkles, and etc. Then, you can choose a scene or a mood that you are in and templates arise. You can change what words the comic strip characters are saying. You can also add other people to you comic that are on Facebook with you. I found a lot of the comics very funny and pretty neatly drawn. This website allows a bit of creativity when coming up with the concept of the comic strip and the characters. However, the majority of the comic strip is not created by the user, but with a large variety of templates. I still enjoyed learning how to use the bitstrips app though. I made a comic from the stress I feel because of my homework!


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