Independent Learning Project Week 5

The first new photo I have added is an abstract picture that I created on Flame Painter. Flame painter is a really cool website that allows the user to create flowing art out of bright colored flames at the click of a button. The picture I created was intended to look like a heart on fire. The bright colors and the flow of the brush stroke made making this picture fun for me. Many things can be created from this website and many hours can be spend just creating fun pictures. The second image I added to my website was also created on flame painter. I really like this website for its extremely bright colors on a black contrasting background. The second image(featured image on blog post) is intended to look like a fire-y flower, with a yellow and green center to contain the seeds and red pedals coming from the center. I have found that digital art is very hard for me. Things do not go as smoothly on a computer screen with a mouse as they do with a pencil and paper for me.

I found a website on digital art that would be great to show students as an art teacher, or to incorporate into other classes. This site has links to the 45 best digital art creators for students: 45 Websites For Students on Digital Art. I have gone through many of these sites and played around on each for a while. I think that they are really entertaining and educational. One of the sites that I thought was fun and that I thought could create cool digital art was a sand landscape creator. The user picks the color of sand and lets it fall in mountainous patterns. If you want to find a website for creating sand art, go to: This is Sand. I created a few things on this is sand, but nothing in completion so I am simply adding this website because I think it is interesting and worth sharing. I also found a great site for science teachers to spark creativity in their students. This website allows you to create an avatar of yourself and then give yourself cool animal features: Build your Wild Self . The third image I added to my website is of my wild self that I created and that I think is cool! The last website that I want to share is Psykopaint. I created some awesome art on this website, but since the images saved as ppp format instead of jpg format I had a lot of troubles trying to upload the image onto my website. However, it is still an awesome website. If anyone has any tips for me on how to convert ppp images to jpg images, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have found a lot of website for digital art this week, as well as websites to use as a teacher trying to incorporate creativity into their class. I spent a lot of time messing around on art websites rather than creating actual pieces of art. So, unfortunately, these three images I have described are the only ones I will post on my website this week. I have to work on homework for my other summer class at some point instead of spending hours upon hours finding cool art websites. If you guys want to check out my new images, go to my website:


3 thoughts on “Independent Learning Project Week 5

  1. Indeed, it is nice to see how others are shaping and developing their learning projects. Even people who deemed their project topics as worthless or hard (myself in this category) have seen improvements. It’s some good stuff!


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