Daily Creates #6,#7,#8,#9

I haven’t posted my last four days of daily creates due to being on vacation. I did them each day, but now I will finally post them all four together in this blog.

Daily Create #6 – The daily create for Friday, July 10th was a writing challenge. The challenge is to write a magical recipe and make it tasty! If you want to find this challenge, go to: Write a Magical Recipe.

To redeem one’s beauty:

Ever-After Krispies

4 tablespoons butter

20 tears of a young woman

16 oz box of Rice Krispies cereal

7 red rose pedals taken from one who is truly beautiful

1 tablespoon ground rosemary

5 cups jet-puffed marshmallows

Prepare your treat in the light of a full moon. Melt butter and marshmallows over a fire burnt with the wood from a 20 year old oak tree. Stir rice krispies cereal into the mixture of butter and marshmallows atop the oak fire. Combine rose pedals, tears, and rosemary in a separate bowl; heat until tears boil, and the herbs create a thin blue smoke. Drizzle smoking ash over the rice krispies cereal, marshmallow, and butter combination. Ingest the treat quickly, and in the light of the full moon.

Daily Create #7 – For Saturday, July 11th. This one is also a writing challenge (all four are writing challenges in fact!) The challenge is to write and acrostic poem about my ride. And acrostic poem is a poem where each line is a letter from the title. If you want to find this challenge, go to: Acrostic Poem about your Ride.


Purple, blue and green in different lights.

Overused, overburdened,

Neglected, in need of an oil change,

Too dirty to bear, and

Incredibly loud.

Affordable gas mileage.

Can’t figure out what that noise is…

Daily Create#8 –  For Sunday, July 12th. The challenge for this create was to find one of your favorite movie monologues and post it after taking out every third word. If you want to find this challenge, go to: http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc380/ . One of my favorite movies is Braveheart with Mel Gibson. I found the monologue from http://forum.uyghuramerican.org/forum/showthread.php?3388-Here-is-the-speech-of-William-Wallace-from-quot-Braveheart-quot .

This is the original monologue:

“Fight and you may die. Run and you
will live at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now,
would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for
one chance, just one cahnce, to come back here as young men and tell
our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take
our freedom!”

With every third word taken out:

“Fight and may die.  and you
live at least . And dying  your bed  years from ,
would you willing to all the from this to that
one chance, one chance,  come back  as young and tell
enemies that may take lives but will never
our freedom!”

Daily Create #9 – For today, Monday, July 13th. The challenge is to list thirty uses for a t-shirt (useful or ridiculous). If you want to find this challenge, go to: 30 uses for a t-shirt .

1. Clothing

2. Food (yummy!)

3. To filter water

4. To carry small objects

5. As a weapon (a whip or something?)

6. To keep dirt and sand out of your eyes

7. As a hat for your dog!

8. To block the sun from your eyes in the car

9. Wall decoration

10. As canvas

11. As a cloth diaper

12. As an arm sling

13. As a slingshot

14. To collect berries

15. As kindling for a fire

16. To swaddle a baby

17. As a saddle

18. As a hankerchief

19. Wrapped around your waist as a belt

20. As a wash rag

21. To stop warm/cold air from coming into your house from under the door

22. As a flag

23. To hide your money in when you bury your money

24. To cushion your seat on hard chairs

25. To remove your make-up

26. To shield your head from the sun when you get lost in the desert

27. As a rope?

28. As a sheet on your bed

29. To write your to-do list on

30. As a torch (wrapped around a stick and covered in lighter fluid!)

Photo Credit: justjenn


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