Independent Learning Project: Week 4

This week has been hectic for me. Two summer classes as well as a full time job is starting to take its toll on me. I spent about six hours reading and working online for my other summer class. I read a whole book and spent another few hours writing online about that book. Needless to say, for my digital literacy class I also spend many hours online.  So, after spending the majority of my time this week on the internet, I decided to get away from my screens for a few hours to draw. I have always loved drawing with sketching pens, blending stubs, and rubber erasers. In my art class in high school, I made several realistic full portraits with sketching pencils and other tools. I took four or five hours after work on Wednesday to go outside with my sketching book, pencils, and eraser to take some stress off my mind. I figured since I set out to create digital art that I should primarily stick to digital art, but I really needed a break from my computer this week and to engage into a hobby that takes my mind off the stress of my job and homework.

So, this week I drew four sketch drawings. Keep in mind that it has been a while since I have sketched, so do not judge my drawings too harshly. The first one is just a realistic drawing of an eye. I have always had a thing for drawing eyes. In portraits, the eyes are always the feature that the artist needs to focus on in order to draw the viewer in. The eyes are the portals to the soul, in other words, in order to perfectly capture a person, you need to perfectly capture their eyes. Sticking to features of people, I drew a smile. Teeth have always been a hard thing for me to get right, so I figured I would challenge myself. The next drawing I did was of a skull, and I am not sure why. I think sugar skulls are really cool to draw (if you do not know what a sugar skull is, you should look it up because they are really colorful and cool or just click on this: Sugar Skulls). I tried to make my skull drawing realistic and 3-D. The last drawing is a tribute to one of my favorite bands. A Day to Remember is a rock band that has some of the coolest album art I have ever seen. I drew a recreation of one of their album covers. It is a man standing on a path surrounded by crazy vines and giant spiders. I hope I did the album cover justice with my drawing. If you want to look at the album cover I recreated or other ones, go to: A Day to Remember

It would be awesome if you guys would go to my webpage and look at my newly added art.


2 thoughts on “Independent Learning Project: Week 4

  1. I know what you mean about too much time spent online. As much time as I spend online, it never seems to be quite enough to get done all the things I need to get done too, which is tiresome. So glad you took some time to detox from screens and do something that recharges you. I’ve been trying to set aside a little time each morning to read, which helps me feel like my life is more balanced. Loved reading about your work!


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