Google-y Eyes

So, I googled myself! My name is crazy rare so whenever I google myself I automatically find everything I own on the internet…thank mom and dad! There are definitely some pictures on google images that I have posted to Facebook. I did not find any images on Google images that I would protest to others seeing though, in fact they are all pretty good pictures. I also have a vine account. If you guys do not know what vine is, it is a place where anyone can post 6 second videos. I really do not know why it is popular. I do not post many vines, but the ones I have posted were right at the top of the google search. I posted a vine of a dragonfly last week and found it on google within ten seconds. I also found my professional twitter page which is for my digital literacy class. My twitter does not have anything discriminating on it, and I only post about homework.

I found my Pinterest on the google search which I have not touched in a year, but it is still on google! I found a few articles about my achievements in high school, honor roll heck yeah! The last thing I found about myself was my Facebook page. I have had this Facebook page for about five years and I am not quite sure what all I have posted on there. However, I am pretty certain I would never have posted anything that could be seen as obscene, rude, or inappropriate. I went through another ten pages of google search and did not find anything about me. I would not protest to future employers looking me up online because I think I am always smart about what I post online. I was surprised how much of my online activity I could find by just looking through the first few pages of a google search of my name. I have grown up hearing that I need to be careful what I post online, and I always knew that I should never post where I am or photos of myself I do not want people to see. However, I was never told about being careful what to post online for fear that future employers will see it and not hire me. I did not learn about this until the end of my senior year when I was told that colleges often look online for their students. I was not worried, of course, because I think before I post. I think it is very important to teach students about what they should and should not post on the internet for their own safety and for their future.

Photo Credit: Thomas van de Weerd


4 thoughts on “Google-y Eyes

  1. Your post about Googling yourself is the 4th one I’ve read, and by this point I feel like my detective skills must not be that great. I agree that your unique (but super awesome!) name would make it easier to find information about your online activities, but I couldn’t find anything and I feel like I should have been able to. Maybe I don’t exist … ?


  2. I wasn’t able to find my Pinterest account or my twitter account for this class, but other than that everything popped up very easily. I was amazed by the number of news articles there were. I agree that we need to make sure we are encouraging students to think before they post. It’s amazing how social media is used today, and we need to be prepared for it.


  3. Really good point about how schools haven’t entirely caught up with the realities of the Internet. Most of my college students haven’t had any lessons about online safety and digital citizenship. As future teachers, it’s especially important for your digital footprint to be professional and not incriminating in any way! That’s great that you were only about to find positive things about yourself online!


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