Podcasts and Digital Storytelling

I found the article  “What Teens are Learning from Serial and Other Podcasts” very interesting. I was impressed at what a great response Michael Godsey got from his students after showing “Serial” in his classroom. The kids were interested in the story and students who had previously shown no motivation were paying attention in class. Podcasts are a great method of storytelling because they appeal to the auditory learners who does not learn a thing from reading a book. Godsey even made 400 pages of lesson plans that go along with the podcast “Serial.” This means that the students went beyond listening to the story to interacting with the story and learning a variety of things (including how to navigate Google street view to view the streets where “Serial” took place). Podcasts can not only get students interested in a story, but also teach students different lessons while sticking to what they find interesting. The podcast I chose to listen to was from themoth story podcasts called “What We Live For,” by Duff McKagan. This is a story about a man who has suffered incredible pain and a near death experience who has learned what he lives for and what every person lives for. This is an incredible story, and incredibly sad story, that had be interested and in tears. McKagan goes deep into his experiences with pain and reflects about what he has learned about himself from them. He tells about wanting to die, and how he overcame his disease and found his will to live. McKagan was a drug and alcohol addict before he almost died, he tells about feeling the world for the first time sober after getting out of the hospital.  If you wanna watch it go to: http://themoth.org/posts/stories/what-we-live-for.

Digital storytelling is a great way to get students interactive in the digital world. The article “Teachers Guide to Digital Storytelling” gives several examples of assignments where digital storytelling is a good method of learning. I thought that the dream scene assignment, where students make a digital story about what they want to be when they grow up, would be a great lesson in a classroom that would get students motivated not only to learn but to follow their dreams. I also thought that the book trailer assignment was awesome. I am reading a book that I have to write a book review for in a different class, and I think a book trailer would be a much more interesting way to present the facts of the book. I wanted some variety in the digtal stories that I watched so I chose one from the art category, one from the language arts category, and one from the science category. I watched three digital podcasts: Street Art by Theresa Burgess, The Most Dangerous Game by Chad Jones, and Fingerprints by John Beanhart.  Street art was about the ways people use graffiti to express their culture and personality. The most dangerous game is a critical look at the short story “The Most Dangerous Game.” Fingerprints is an inside look at how fingerprints work and how the police use them to catch criminals. I thought that each of the digital stories I watched were captivating and I wanna create my own!

Photo Credit: zoomar


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