Digital storytelling is an innovative class that gets its students out of their comfort zone and into their artistic zone. I thought that the daily create was an awesome component of ds106, because often I feel like I do not have enough time to sit down and get creative with my computer. However, with daily create, artwork or a new technology experience can be created in ten to fifteen minutes. I went to the daily create site and clicked the random create button: what appeared was a “take an ugly selfie” challenge (which I found awesome). I plan to start my daily create challenge today and try to find really awesome challenges to do each day. Ds106 is more than just the daily create though; it is a learning experience, without a teacher, in which anyone can participate. There are eight categories of assignments on the digital storytelling website:  visual, design, audio, video, web, mashup, writing, fanfic, animated gif, and 3D printing assignments. With choice and variety, a student can find what they want to learn about and learn at their own pace. A student can find an assignment that they are passionate about, so that they can have fun learning. As a future teacher, I think this online class would be an awesome website to show my students, or to incorporate in my class.

While exploring through the digital storytelling website, I looked through the writing assignments because I enjoy writing. I found entertaining and creative assignments such as “create a haiku about you” and “write your bucket list.” Creative assignments like these get me excited to work on the computer and make homework time go by much quicker. I also went through the design assignments because I figured there were some create challenges in the design portion. I found some cool assignments there as well, such as “design your own pokemon” and “design your own tattoo.” I think these assignments are so innovation because they are intriguing, not just busy work. I was a little bit confused about what remixing the assignments meant, but then I realized it is just a way for learners to create their own assignments to do. I think this is very innovative because if a student can create their own assignment then they can choose their own limits, or go beyond their limits, and be interested in what they are doing. I am so excited to begin my daily create!

Photo credit: Elijah van der Giessen


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