Daily create #1

I went through a lot of daily creates on random to find one that I really wanted to do. There were many that I found interesting, and hope to find again so that I can make them some other day. As I went through the daily creates, I found that I was more inclined to want to do the writing creates than the other ones. The daily create that I finally settled on was to create a poem about strangers. The create challenged the user to remember a time that they were observing strangers and to write a poem about those strangers. We can learn a lot just by looking at other people and observing their movements. There is a beauty in watching people do the things they do every day that you know nothing about. Every person has their own little world that they live in that no one else is fully a part of. I know it when I am driving down the highway and every person I pass has their own destination and their own life to live that I have no idea about. I chose to write my poem about a mother and a little boy travelling down the street in a snow storm. I have always had troubles writing poetry because I don’t know whether I need to rhyme…or maybe it is better without rhyme. Anyhow, I gave it my best shot and wrote this little number: I call it Snow:

The boy hold his mother’s hand,
he never lets it go.
Their fingers band together,
as they conquer the snow.

His eyes widen as they pass the dollar store,
the windows filled with sweet treats and coca-cola.
Mother rushes him along for she has four more errands to run.

I see the tears in his eyes,
he wipes them before they freeze.
They disappear into the cold,
before I can give the boy the peppermint,

that I slipped into the dollar store to buy,
just for him.

I think that poetry is often best when it relates to the reader in simple ways. Every day things can be beautiful to the every day person. Even simple errands can be a beautiful thing. The poet has to interpret the normal, every day thing, into something beautiful. I had fun writing this poem and doing my first daily create. I hope everyone likes it!

Photo credit: Michael ChUv


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