Update on Independent Learning Project!

I have been thinking really hard about what I want my website to look like, what kind of art I want to do, and which websites to use to do my independent learning project. I spent a large amount of time googling digital art and website making websites. I have found website after website that allows the user to create digital art. One of my favorite ones was, bomomo, it allows the user to create different patterns of paint across a while page. I spent about two hours trying out different paint strokes and making some cool abstract art. It was while looking at this website that I decided I do not want to narrow my learning experience down to only creating comics or having the website be about just one topic. Instead I would like to be able to make any form of art, including comics, abstract, portraits, and landscape. I believe I will simply call my website Marqui’s Art.

An awesome website that I have to share with my followers is, voice draw. This amazing website would be awesome for small children or for anyone who just wants to have some fun. This website allows the user to paint with their voice. The user simply states into their computer what they would like their picture to be like and the website creates it for them. Of course, from experience, I know that the website will not create exactly what you want unless you are very precise and detailed. However, I thought this could be a cool site to use in an elementary class to show students how their words can form pictures. I think this voice draw program is kind of what it is like to read a book and form images in your mind from other’s words. I may or may not be using this program for my independent learning project, but I just had to share it because of how cool it is! I hope you guys try it out!

I know for sure that I will be using a combination of websites to create my digital art, as well as perhaps just doing some photo editing. I also know for sure that the website I will be using to create my website is Wix.com. This website has templates for every type of user and every type of websites you need! They even have a creative art section of templates that will be perfect for displaying my digital art. I have been exploring and exploring websites and art, and I think I am about ready to begin creating! Thank you all for the words of encouragement on my last post. If anyone has any tips or anything they would like to see created, let me know!

Photo CC: Kevin Dooley


8 thoughts on “Update on Independent Learning Project!

  1. Hi Marqui,
    It sounds like you are well on your way! I have used wix.com to create a blog and I thought it was fantastic. It gives you lots of choices and is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. I am excited to see the website once you get it up and running.

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  2. One reason why I love these Independent Learning Projects is that I get to learn so much too! I’m not familiar with any of the websites you describe, and I can definitely see ways to use them in the future, so thanks for sharing!


  3. This sounds like a great idea! I think being able to showcase all kinds of art and not just a single one may be one of the coolest things to do. I also like the fact that there are websites out there that incorporate technology and art. That voice draw site sounds pretty cool! I think it would be interesting to see what kind of picture would turn out while playing the drums.


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