I was surprised to learn that a personal learning network can start, simply, with your friends, family, and colleagues. However, in this age, a personal learning network can include people from across the globe through digital communication. A personal learning network can be very important to have in the education community, because teaching is constantly changing, new things are being learned, and a teacher never stops learning. Good educators can never stop learning! Personal learning networks that incorporate social media networks like Twitter and Facebook make learning possible from around the world. An expert can be at his home in Switzerland and tweet information to a learner in America. When a group of experts come together, in the digital or literal world, great conversations can arise.

I have already started my personal learning network by adding all my classmates of my Literacy in the Digital Age class to my twitter and wordpress. I also have added been adding experts to my twitter page by finding them on their education blogs. I have also followed several educator’s blogs. A personal learning network can grow, and grow, as new people are met and new conversations arise. Every article I have read makes clear statements that several things are needed in order to create my personal learning network. I already have a twitter and a blog. I am creating a website for my independent learning project. I made my RSS feed. I am on my way to having a wide personal learning network!  My learning network would be educators, specifically English educators, so I will be setting out to find teaching experts!

Personal learning networks are great for creative teachers. Teachers can all come together on social media and discuss their lesson plans. Teachers can learn from one another by asking for tips on lesson plans or asking how to find certain school supplies.  Dr. Mark Wagner has an amazing blog post, Personal Learning Network, 10 tips, that delivers 10 tips to creating your own personal learning experience.  The most important Wagner has to offer is that in order for a personal learning network to work, we have to connect with other, contribute information to others, and ask questions of others. A network cannot work if the conversation is not flowing. I am hoping to learn a lot from the expert educators I am going to follow on twitter. I also hope that I am maybe able to contribute information to other’s personal learning networks.

Featured image by Alexander Baxevanis.


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