Underwater TED Talk

The TED Talk that I chose to watch was Underwater astonishments by David Gallo. I chose this TED talk because I am really curious about the ocean. David Gallo says in this TED talk that we have only seen about 3% of the ocean. There is so much that humans can still learn from the ocean and it’s creatures. This TED talk starts the conversation, and curiosity, that we have not explored ninety-seven percent of this world. It’s hard not to be curious after watching this TED talks about what lies deep in the oceans crevasses. Gallo says,  in the 3 percent of the ocean we have explored, we have discovers the tallest mountains and the deepest valleys. What other amazing things live in the deep? What surprises will we find as technology advances and we explore the entirety of the ocean? Not only does this TED talk bring questions to the mind of it’s viewers, but it also sparks it’s viewer’s imagination!

David Gallo brought entertainment value into his TED talk with humor. I was interested immediately, because he made a joke. However, he also brought up many intriguing points about how vast the ocean in and how very little we know about it. This TED talk really made me feel small compared to this enormous planet and it’s variety of wildlife. The beginning of this TED talk showed videos of amazing ocean creatures that live deep in the pitch black water. The creatures were all luminescent and lit up the darkness of the deep. They are amazing. Then, David Gallo goes on to show advanced camouflage feats by shallow ocean creatures such as octopus and cuddle fish. The amount we do not know about the ocean peaks my curiosity.

As a future teacher, every TED talk that I watch makes me add the videos to my curriculum. TED talks not only entertain, but they also bring up relevant points, teach, and start conversations. The variety of TED talks that are available make me believe that any student could find a TED talk that is interesting to them. TED talks can be used as a starting point for many assignments. As an inspiring English teacher, I can think of many writing assignments that can be based off of TED talks. Such as the assignment I’m currently doing!

I really enjoyed watching this TED talk about the mysteries of the ocean, and I recommend it to all! https://embed-ssl.ted.com/talks/david_gallo_shows_underwater_astonishments.html

Featured image by Derek Keats.


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