Passion based learning!

I found Ainissa Ramirez’s blog on Edutopia, “Passion-Based Learning,” the most interesting of any of the articles I viewed. This article should be read my any aspiring teacher. Ramirez states, “There are two ways to get a child passionate about something: 1.Find out what each child is innately passionate about. 2. Be an instructor that exudes passion for the topic, and infect your students with that excitement.” Teachers must be passionate about their subject, otherwise their student’s cannot possible be passionate about it. If a teacher is disinterested in the subject they are teaching, it will show through their lessons. However, if a teacher has a real love for their subject, their passion can infect their students. My high school English teacher was a passionate teacher. She made jokes with her students, recommended books to her students, and interacted with her students in every lesson. After reading Ramirez’s blog, I had to really think about whether I was truly passionate about teaching English, and I think this is something every future teacher needs to think about. I love reading, writing, and the English language in general. I hope to be a teacher that infects her student’s with my passion for the subject!

Featured image by Ken Whytock

I enjoyed George Couros’s blog, “School vs. Learning.” Couros made several incredible points about how the education system is failing to promote learners. The simple contrasts Couros uses between school and learning are very powerful. Couros says, “School promotes starting by looking for answers.  Learning promotes starting with questions. School is about consuming.  Learning is about creating. School is about finding information on something prescribed for you.  Learning is about exploring your passions and interests.” Couros’s blog made me think about whether schools are simply teaching kids how to do as they are told and repeat facts. Very interesting blog!

The third article I read is on how to incorporate passion based learning into a classroom. Tina Barseghian informs future teacher in her blog: “Nine Tenets of Passion-Based Learning.” The most powerful statement, in my opinion, of Barseghian’s blog is when she states, “We’re rewarding students who are best at obedience, memorization, regurgitation, and compliance. And those who do succeed in school often don’t know what to do when they get out. We need to prepare kids to be successful in the real world, not just while in school.” This made me think of Ken Robinson’s TED talk, “How Schools Kill Creativity,” when he states that our education system is perfectly laid out to produce professors. Does school do nothing but teach us how to be good at school? Barseghian brings up many good points in her blog, and sparks thoughts about the flaws of our education system.


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